Kelly MacPherson Interviewed 10 Leading Restaurant Execs – Here’s What She Found

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Find out what the former CIO at Burger King's, Popeye's, and Tim Hortons discovered about the future of the restaurant industry.

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This episode of Give an Ovation features the final interview* as part of Table for 10, an e-book focused on technology transformation and collaboration. (Check it out here.

Kelly MacPherson, former CIO at Burger King, Popeye’s, and a current Advisory Council Member at USHG Acquisition Corp, oversaw the creation of the e-book and interviewed 10 different innovators in the restaurant space. 

She and Zack discuss her main takeaways from the experience, which are outlined below:

1. Collaboration Is The Name Of The Game

The benefits of collaboration in the restaurant really stood out to Kelly and is a major theme of the e-book. She described it as a “different mindset” than the competitive one the industry used to have. Cloud technology has enabled different companies to work together inside the restaurant which leads to a win win situation.

2. Data Must Be Actionable

“Actionable data” is an overused phrase at this point, but it’s true. It’s easier than ever to gather data, but if you can’t do something with it, you don’t need it at all. 

3. Specialize

The industry is trading jacks of all trades in favor of specialized tech solutions. It seems that no single company can adequately meet the needs of restaurateurs in every aspect of operations, so stick with what you’re good at. 

4. Hospitality Is Transforming

Kelly pointed out that another overused phrase is “new normal”, but that no one knows what the new normal really looks like. It’s evolving every day, so flexibility is key.

5. Download The E-book

Gain FREE access to 50+ pages of easy-to-implement technology strategy, 9+ hours of video content, and a framework to rethink your restaurant by clicking HERE.

*This interview took place in Fall, 2020. 


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